About Us

Back in the 70s, mom and I took our first ceramics classes.  It was the heyday of hobby ceramics and it wasn't long before mom opened a gift shop which included many of our own handmade items.  Times have changed, and the ceramics industry is not what it once was, but there is still a demand for many of those vintage and retro designs. 

Mom retired long ago, but I carry on with this online shop. Featured among our products are replacement ceramic Christmas tree bases.  We hear from many delighted customers who are happy to be able to put their mom's or grandma's heirloom handmade tree back into service.  We have the widest collection of bases around. Feel free to contact us to find the best base for your size tree.

Of course, we have many other ceramic items, both finished and also ready to paint for those do-it-yourselfers who are creating keepsakes for future generations.